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A year deserving of more than one day of Thanksgiving

Since everybody talks about why they are thankful on Thanksgiving, I decided to be different and write about why I’m thankful three days after the fact. Okay, so it’s actually just because I’m my normal procrastinating self. Continue reading

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Couples only

Before I get to the wedding, I would just like to say that staying at a couples-only resort with your parents can be an interesting experience. Since Mom was perfectly content to lay on the beach all day long, Dad and I ended up doing all the activities together. This led people to jump to some pretty disturbing conclusions. Continue reading

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Big problems, mon

I really expected my trip to Jamaica for my brother’s wedding to be a time to leave any troubles behind. Especially since ‘No Problem, Mon’ is practically the national motto of Jamaica. Apparently my vacation did not get that memo. Continue reading

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Hoping a stunning vista will tide you over

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Meet Me in Jamaica!!

My brother is a pretty quiet guy. By that I mean before I call him I come up with about five points of conversation so I can make the call last longer than 60 seconds. What with being born between my sister and I, he really didn’t have much of a chance.

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The curly hair cult

I love my curly hair but it does not always love me. Continue reading

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Wherein I get very sappy

WARNING: Serious cheesiness ahead. Also a little bit of blubbering.

If I had to pick the aspect of my life in which I have been the most blessed, it would be my family. I don’t just love my family, I really like them.
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My Little Idiosyncrasies: #36

I am a politico.

It’s only fitting that I admit it on this our national day of Election: I love all things political. When others cringe in dismay at the state of U.S. politics and government, I grin for joy. While others groan in digust, I squeal in delight. Where others shake their heads sadly, I nod enthusiastically.

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