My Little Idiosyncrasies: #36

I am a politico.

It’s only fitting that I admit it on this our national day of Election: I love all things political. When others cringe in dismay at the state of U.S. politics and government, I grin for joy. While others groan in digust, I squeal in delight. Where others shake their heads sadly, I nod enthusiastically.

Even more strange? I’m a conservative! I know, it doesn’t seem possible, especially the last couple of years, but there are actually young Republicans running around DC! We are an endangered species, but we do exist. Who knew?? I guess after my four years at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, I just got used to the idea of being completely surrounded. Consequentially, I have learned when to just put my head down and shut the hell up. Or appreciate something even if I don’t agree. It’s why I can love every single moment of The West Wing even though I didn’t agree with a single viewpoint (except maybe Ainsley’s).

For the better part of both 2008 and 2009, I spent all day every day fully immersed in issue statements, poll numbers, floor speeches, and all things campaign and government. And I loved it. There’s nothing (legal) like the high you get from being right in the middle of it all and seeing history being made before your eyes. I’m not sure about sausage, but watching laws being made is amazing. As long as you’re not too squeamish.

There are only two reasons why I’m not still there now: One, I like being able to pay my rent. Two, the one thing I love more than the political machine is the feeling I get after writing that perfect phrase that flows off your tongue and sends chills down your back. In the battle between my passions, writing wins. Someday maybe I’ll find a job that combines the two, and pays my rent.

In the meantime, even if you hate politics, make sure to go get this sticker today. It matters.



About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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