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Should have known that other shoe was just waiting to drop

Yesterday had all the makings of a really great day. That is until I woke up face down on my bathroom floor. Continue reading

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Moving, part 1: How many times can mail be forwarded?

So here it is, almost February, and moving time again. Luckily my parents are coming out to assist this time. I never used to stress about moving until the one time I tried moving without them there…big mistake. It didn’t help that we were trying to move during the freakin’ Snowpocalypse. So help me, if I have to try to move again in three feet of snow… Continue reading

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My Little Idiosyncrasies: #44

What can I say, I have no volume control. If I’m excited, nervous, intrigued, upset, or basically at all conscious, my voice tends to get very loud, very quickly. Being with me in a confined space such as a moving car can be hazardous to your ear drums. Continue reading

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A mystery is solved.

Did I not mention that I was going to take a month off from writing? Really? Could have sworn I said something. I mean, hey, I had just sent my blog’s address to a couple dozen of my closest family and friends, what better time to abandon it entirely? To make amends to the few possible readers who remain, I’m going to make this post life altering. No, seriously, it’s going to be earth shattering, mind blowing stuff. Continue reading

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