The (not-so) hidden barcodes

It’s fascinating to me how I can be completely oblivious to something until someone points it out and then I see/hear it everywhere! This happens to me all the time with words, people, and so many other random things. When my co-worker (and resident Apple expert) first showed me a flyer she had designed with a symbol like the one below, I had absolutely no idea what it was.


She explained that it was a mobile barcode link that can be scanned by a smart phone to take you to the advertiser’s website. I wasn’t sure if people would get it because I would have sworn I had never seen one before. Then sure enough, after that moment it seemed like everywhere I looked, there they were.

As long as one doesn’t show up on my hand I’m good.


About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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One Response to The (not-so) hidden barcodes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I’ve known about that for a long time. Sorry, should have told’ya. :-). Love, sis

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