America the Delicious

Ordinary people, when they want to have a potluck, just call or email their friends and say hey, I’m having a potluck. But that would be way too simple for my brand of crazy. It’s not enough for it to have a theme. Nah, if you really want to demonstrate to the world just how epic your potluck will be, you’ve got to go that extra mile. Me, I write a song. Because how many times have you been at a potluck and thought wow this would really be perfect if only the potluck had its own song.

The Flying Crane and I decided a few weeks ago that a potluck would be the perfect way to do three things that we love and have not gotten to do enough lately: 1. hang out with our favorite people (at least those who live within 50 miles), 2. eat too much food (okay, this one we do make time to do on a regular basis), and 3) have people over at our awesome apartment.

We were both on the same page until I started asking questions about what the deeper meaning of the potluck would be. This is when my dear roommate, awesome person that she is, only stared at me strangely for a second before mulling it over and suggesting we finally have that America party we’ve been talking about ever since she became a U.S. citizen over a year and a half ago. Great idea, and for a brief moment there was a chance we would leave it at that. Except then she tasked me with writing the email inviting everyone. Little did she know how much that simple request would spiral out of control.

Everyone knows whether or not an email gets read depends a lot upon the subject line. So I enlisted my fellow communicators in making it a good one. One suggested America the Delicious, which I liked, but thought some people might not get. So another suggested I rewrite the song. The rest is history.

I’m not going to admit how long I worked on that email invite to make it just the right amount of witty but I will say, beyond a few minor adjustments, I had this song written in about 5 minutes. Apparently I missed my calling as a potluck jingle writer. On second thought, maybe I should keep my day job.

America the Delicious

O beautiful for spacious mouths,
For amber waves of beer,
For chocolate mountain majesties
Before the fruited pie!

America! America!
God shed His chow on thee,
And crown thy feast with extra cheese
From plate to shining plate!


About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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