I may not make it.

This is where my Daily Photo for today should be:

Except it’s not. Because, for the first time in almost eight months, there isn’t one. Why, you ask, would a highly competitive and obsessive person such as myself break such a great personal streak before it was complete? How could I, who made my uncle and The Flying Crane stop in the middle of the road in London so I could post my Daily Photo using the Internet I was picking up from the nearby bar, do such a thing?

The answer is simple: for the first time since I bought my iPhone in March, I will be ending the day without it. Sometime between picking up a package at the lobby of my apartment building and half an hour later in my apartment when I wanted to send a text, it was lost. The crazy thing is, I have an app called “Find My iPhone.” With it, I believed lost phones were a thing of the past. Which is good, because I can’t imagine going a day without mine.

Except I have always had a special knack for losing things. So while for others a map pinpointing the location of your lost phone would be helpful, for me it’s just torture. It clearly shows my iPhone hovering at my address. But my address includes a 20-floor apartment building. Not to mention the disaster area known as my room.

Apple even provides a way to send a message to be displayed on your phone, as well as causing it to make a loud noise even if it’s set to vibrate. But I can’t hear it. And no one is answering my message. So my phone just keeps hovering, seemingly right in front of me, yet nowhere to be found.

As I’m sitting here on my couch after thoroughly searching every logical and illogical place I can think of, I can feel my phone’s battery. All alone. Slowly dying. When it goes, most likely sometime tomorrow, my chances of ever finding my phone will rapidly decrease. If this sounds melodramatic to you, well, you probably don’t own an iPhone. I could be joining you soon enough.

Excuse me while I go sob quietly in the corner.


About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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