Born at sea

Since my sister decided to have her baby in the States this time, I knew she would find a way to make it interesting. She did not disappoint. While still in her first trimester, the Sis mentioned to me her plans to have the baby on the boat. Like a home birth, except her home IS A BOAT. I correctly interpreted this as news that didn’t necessarily need to be shared right away.

Fast forward to me sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner last year at my Uncle Chuck’s house in Ohio with a bunch of extended family. Of course everyone wants to hear about the continuing adventures of my sister, World Traveler, Adrenaline Junkie, Cruiser Mom. My mother is explaining how, after extensive research, the Sis has decided to have the baby in Charleston, South Carolina.

There’s nothing to worry about, assured my Mom, “I mean, it’s not like she’s planning on having the baby ON the boat or anything.” Seriously, I almost died. I could practically see the coroner’s report: Victim choked while attempting to swallow a large bite of turkey and a snorting fit of giggles simultaneously. Cause of death: Implosion due to extreme laughter suppression.

Eventually the Sis let slip her plans and I started trying to figure out when I was going to make the trip to Charleston. I left my calendar wide open around the baby’s due date in mid-May. After I packed all my plans into three weekends in late April and early May, the Sis informed me that she thought the baby would come about three weeks early. In late April.

And so the nervous countdown began. On April 13, the baby weighed about 6 pounds and was in a position to be born at any moment. I tried to accept the fact that I would miss it as I was on my way to New York City to spend the weekend with The Hungarian Sister. Even if the Sis didn’t have him then, I would miss it the next weekend when I flew back to the Midwest for my Dad’s 65th birthday. And if by some inconceivable stretch of the imagination she still hadn’t had him by then, she would definitely have him before May 5 when I had bought tickets to see Taming of the Shrew with seven girl friends (as you can imagine that’s a whole other story).

I was pretty positive the baby would come early, mostly because I have never known anyone more able to will things into being than my sister. So I was a little surprised when I returned from NYC and there was no baby. I was pretty shocked when I came back from the Midwest and still no baby. When May 5 came and went, the shrew got tamed, and still I hadn’t received the call, I was completely blown away.

It was then that I decided my newest nephew had an iron will to rival even that of his mom’s. And that is seriously saying something. Either that or he’s really one for keeping  dates because he waited until last night, the official due date, to start making his way out. It wasn’t until 8:01 this morning that The Iron-Willed Buccaneer officially made his appearance.

A word of advice, kid: Stick with these two ladies and you can’t go wrong.

About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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  2. The Libuncle says:

    Great piece – loved the last line!

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