My addiction to road trips continues!

Would you believe me if I told you that the reason I haven’t blogged in almost 10 months is that while Cecily and I were driving through Missouri we got sucked into an unstable wormhole and have been trapped in an alternate dimension ever since?

If so, I have a few book recommendations for you.

Spoilers: we made it home! Unfortunately any further disclosure of details would result in this blog not only being taken down, but completely wiped from existence as if it was never there. And I like my gingerbread catastrophe post too much to let that happen.

Onwards to the next adventure, I say! Last night I created a minor uproar by casually mentioning on Facebook that I had just finished packing for a 5 month long trip. Sometimes I forget that just because my thoughts have been obsessed on this trip for so long, doesn’t mean I’ve actually talked about it out loud with everyone I know.

It all started with my sister, who for most of my life has been in the middle of one crazy awesome adventure or another. For the past decade or so, she has been trying to convince me to join her for a bit, first while she was a missionary nurse in Honduras and then when she got married and started living on a boat. I always had one excuse or another, but basically it boiled down to not being able to leave for an extended period of time because I had a) school/work to go to b) a lease I didn’t want to waste or c) both. Late last year I realized that when The Flying Crane left me to go to school in August I would have neither, since I had started working from anywhere with a computer and the Internet. So, finally, I took my sister up on the offer to come and stay with her for a while.

And thus it went: my mom pointed out that I might as well swing by and see them too, I decided to make good on a promise to visit the Chapmans again in Colorado, The Best Friend from college (let’s call her Snickers) vowed to meet me in Vegas…and I was off to the races. Suddenly I was going to be gone until the end of November and let’s be honest, did it really make sense for me to go back to DC then when I would just be going back to my parents’ house for Christmas? And that’s how Megan’s Walkabout 2013 was born.

No, I’m not going to Australia and no, I’m not trying to find myself. It’s just a cool name, and based on the fact that Cecily had never heard of it before, one that needs to be used more often.

Before I go over the whole itinerary, I want you to start humming Flight of the Bumblebee to yourself and picture me taking a deep breath and saying it faster and with more rambling than you thought possible:

First I’m going to Newport, RI for two and a half weeks because that’s where my sister’s boat is and I’ve never been to Rhode Island before and then I may go to Cleveland to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins although I haven’t mentioned this to them yet, then I’m going to my parents’ for the month of September and then to the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque in the beginning of October and actually I’m trying to convince my mom to join me for that leg of the journey so you should tell her it’s a good idea and then I’m meeting Snickers in Vegas for two nights and then we’re driving to her place in San Francisco and then we’re thinking about driving up to Portland to see my Uncles Larry and Greg if they’ll have us and then I’m going to Colorado to spend November with the Chapmans and then go see my friend Kate in Missouri and then back to my parents’ for the holidays and then home to DC by New Year’s.

Now you can say I told you in person because I have babbled through that exact monstrosity of an explanation about 100 times with my friends in DC to explain what in the world I’m actually going to be doing for five whole months.

Well I’m tired now and I hear they get up at 6 a.m. in these parts so I’m just going to summarize my journey today as quickly as possible: $46 in tolls (FORTY-SIX DOLLARS in 7 hours worth of driving), followed by a BL who gave me the valet treatment, a 2-year-old so bursting with excitement that she simply could not stop bouncing, a sister who immediately served up the most fantastic dinner, and an almost-15-month-old who is too young to be so good at giving kisses.

Worth every penny.


About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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5 Responses to My addiction to road trips continues!

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  2. Barbara Hornak says:

    So good to hear you’re back on the road again! Love your sister’s post also! Bet you had a fantastic time. Enjoy the rest of your trip, be safe, and keep us posted!

  3. Thomas Oates says:

    Appreciated reading about your planned travels. Keep us posted.

    Tom & Gloria

  4. unclelawwy says:

    ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD TTTTTTTTRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! And are you kidding? I’d just about drive to SF to meet Snickers if you were there too. Our doors, wherever they are, are always open and the welcome mat is out near the street so you don’t miss it!!!

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