That time when my students found my old blog

Nobody reads this blog.

That’s not too surprising considering I have not posted regularly to it since October 2012. Even when I first started the blog as a 24-year-old in October 2010, gaining an audience was never really the point. So I should have been surprised when my long-silent WordPress app suddenly sent me this notification today:

I should have been surprised, except I already knew the cause of all that booming traffic.

Yesterday I made an interesting discovery as I sat at my computer in the middle of class. For some, this discovery would be accompanied by the Jaws theme song. For others, it might equate to phrases like WINTER IS COMING or RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Still others would be inspired to run for the hills, dig a hole to China, find a dark corner to hide in, or some other such cliché.

In short, a student found my old blog.

Oddly enough, blind terror was not my first response. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought back on the life of my 20-something self who wrote that blog. That was back when I was just settling into my first long-term, real-world job. Back when the small town girl in me was still adjusting to city life in DC. Back when I was so new to being an adult I hadn’t quite realized yet that adults are just making it up as they go along. Those two years of frequent blog posts are like an online time capsule of a pretty great time in my life. A lot of things have changed: my career, the place I call home, my ability to spend time with my family, my social life. But that person is still a part of me.

This is the naïve young teacher in me shining through, but I want my students to know who I am beyond just their English teacher. Mostly that’s because I want to know who they are beyond just my students and to not reciprocate seems pretty hypocritical.

So hey guys! I know you thought I hatched at the teacher factory the day you first walked into my classroom, but surprise! I’m a real live human. I love science fiction, I sprain my ankles a lot, and I am really loud (okay that one you probably already knew). I love a good road trip and have driven across this country not once, but twice. I love climbing on stuff, getting muddy, and jumping over fire so I have run too many Warrior Dashes to count and dressed up in epic costumes EVERYSINGLETIME. I make an idiot of myself in the kitchen on a regular basis but my favorite is probably when I created The Leaning Parallelogram of Gingerbread. I hate paying for cabs and have stood in the rain for hours waiting for the bus. I think travel is more about the experiences you have than the things you see; I have experienced Shakespeare being performed in London and Real Madrid fútbol being played in Spain. That blog is the first draft of my life from age 24-26 so if you’re interested, read on.

I want to hear your stories next.



About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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3 Responses to That time when my students found my old blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s been too long! So glad to read another fun story of yours, Megan. Keep it up!

  2. unclelawwy says:

    That young woman was and continues to be an person of pride and joy for me even though I have had absolutely nothing to do with the amazing person she’s become. One question – do you have a copy of your book in your classroom? You actually should have several. It says as much about who you are as all the blog posts combined… but in haiku.

    • unclelawwy says:

      Dang! Edit! Edit! Ooops! Pretty sure “an person” was supposed to be “an individual” before the dog distracted me. He was eating my homework and I had to stop him!

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