Freezing temperatures, gorgeous views, and a rainbow trout

Miles driven: 368.3
Fish caught: 1 beautiful rainbow trout

This is what I woke up to at 4:15 this morning outside my tent:

I use the phrase “woke up” loosely because sleep was really hit or miss last night. I realized later that after a solid 30 hours of intermittent rain, water had finally gotten into the bottom of my tent a bit. I survived and got a bit of sleep, but as soon as I saw my flip flops iced over I started worrying about Noah in the car. Before today I had had a strict policy of not waking him up before 6 a.m. (he has been going to sleep with the sun around 8:30) but this morning around 5:15 I decided that policy was worth breaking to make sure he had not turned into a popsicle overnight. Happily he was fine, if a bit chilly, and had slept well the whole night.

I took shelter in the heated bathroom and someone caught me just standing there under the vent. I confessed to her that I might never leave the bathroom, but she was wearing what looked like a very warm parka so I don’t think she got the joke.

Eventually I drug Noah out of the car into the freezing temperatures for the not-so-pleasant task of packing up a frozen camp. We discovered that when the tent is frozen solid, it doesn’t need stakes to hold it up:

The highlight of the morning was when the bear proof box was frozen shut and I had to karate kick it to get our food. It was an empowering moment and one I’m sure all the people sleeping warm in their RVs appreciated hearing at 5:30 a.m.

After some very cold packing up, we headed out around 6:30. This time Noah was driving so I got a few pics:

Along the way we got a closer glimpse of a grizzly bear who was tracking a nearby elk. I was also excited to see a herd of bison for the first time:

After about an hour we left Yellowstone, but that was not the end of the gorgeous views. This was it for almost a solid four hours:

We arrived in Salmon, ID around noon, the earliest we had ever arrived at the day’s camp. We took advantage of the situation by laying out all our soaked camping supplies and then heading straight to the nearest fishing store. They hooked Noah up with an Idaho fishing license as well as some tips on the best local spots. They weren’t wrong:

To complete this scene, you have to imagine the sun on your back, a slight breeze in the air, and the sounds of a raging river in front, a bubbling brook behind, and chirping birds all around. Actually the scene wasn’t complete until Noah hooked a rainbow trout:

After that we headed back to camp and looked forward to much warmer temperatures: the low was set to be a balmy 48 degrees!

Tomorrow is going to be a long driving day for us so I’m not sure there will be much to say but I’m sure I will find a way.

About The 1st Draft

I am a 30-something English teacher living in the Midwest who loves books, television, soccer, a good conversation, Cardinals baseball, and playing with my adorable nieces and nephews.
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3 Responses to Freezing temperatures, gorgeous views, and a rainbow trout

  1. What spectacular images. I don’t want to be too trite, but I think you’re experiencing the Yin/Yang principle: the more difficult your day, the better your reward the next. Admittedly, it’s not usually so quickly fulfilled but hey…

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