My Little Idiosyncrasies

I’m a pretty odd duck. It’s not something that has always been immediately apparent – my peculiarities often sneak up on people when they least expect. One minute they’re minding their own business and the next thing they know I’m in their living room taking pictures off the wall because damn it they’re just not even.

Since this blog is one giant About Me page, it’s only fitting that I get all my little idiosyncrasies out in the open. It’ll take a while, but eventually you’ll see just how strange I am. And that’s good, because without a little crazy now and again we would all go nuts.

As an added bonus, the composition of this list itself epitomes one such oddity: I hate odd numbers.

#26: I love science fiction.

#36: I am a politico.

#44: I am really loud.

#58: I am more than a little competitive.

#60: I am a TV junkie.

#82: I never grew out of playing in the mud.

#96: I sprain my ankles. A lot.

#102: I am not an awesome driver.

2 Responses to My Little Idiosyncrasies

  1. Cheryl says:

    Ok, Megan, I am new to your blog & lovin’ it!

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