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Filling up our natural disastor bingo card

Two weeks ago today a 5.9 earthquake rocked my office in Chinatown. Then four days later it got hit with a little torrential rain from Hurricane Irene. You would think after that we would be done with the natural disasters for a while.

Apparently not. Continue reading

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Warrior shots from the professionals

Since I have created arbitrary rules for myself surrounding my daily photo that say it must be a single photo taken that day with my iPhone, these professional shots from the Warrior Dash don’t actually qualify. But I think we … Continue reading

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The Red Jaguar Warrior: An Addendum

I already wrote about the epic epicness that is the Warrior Dash in which I competed on Sunday. But now that the professional photos taken at the event have been posted, I just have to add this addendum. Because these are quite literally the coolest pictures of me that have ever or will ever be taken. Continue reading

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The Red Jaguar Warrior

I am really not a fan of running. Three years of high school cross country and I still just don’t get it. You run and run and run some more, and then you stop. There’s no ball to sprint after, no goals/runs/baskets/touchdowns to score, nothing to break up the monotony besides your gasping breaths and aching side. Never did I finish a 5k and think “Wow that was fun.”

Until now.

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