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Day 11: The scenic route, tumbleweed and sand surfing

This morning we packed up and pulled out of Albuquerque, sad to be leaving but excited for the next adventure! Continue reading

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Istanbul Doner Sandwich

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A weenie roast in a can

I really love giving other people gifts that can double as gifts for myself. I did it last Christmas with that ping pong table for the Chapmans, and now I have done it with The Flying Crane’s birthday present. She … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Saturday was a milestone birthday for my Dad and that combined with the fact that I haven’t been to my hometown in over a year meant it was time for a visit. Right before I left for a long weekend back in the Midwest, Cecily told me to take lots of pictures. This is her usual request before someone goes on a trip, but this time I had to point out the lack of photo opportunities where I would be going. Since I’m always saying how different it is in DC compared to where I grew up, she challenged me to capture Life in a Small Town. I’m not sure if I managed that, but I did at least get My Weekend Spent in a Small Town. Continue reading

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Another feast worthy of an 8-year-old

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Festive squirrell poop

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Unfortunate fortune

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