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My addiction to road trips continues!

Would you believe me if I told you that the reason I haven’t blogged in almost 10 months is that while Cecily and I were driving through Missouri we got sucked into an unstable wormhole and have been trapped in an alternate dimension ever since? Continue reading

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This is how obsessed I am

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Watch out bloggers, the Sis has arrived!

For years I have been trying to convince my sister to have a blog. I have never known any one who should have one more than her. I mean, before she lived with her husband and two kids on a … Continue reading

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Born at sea

Since my sister decided to have her baby in the States this time, I knew she would find a way to make it interesting. She did not disappoint. While still in her first trimester, the Sis mentioned to me her … Continue reading

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Another gift opened before the birthday

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Ms. Adventures in a Klutzy Kitchen: A Heaping Portion of Spanish Noodles

Most of the ingredients I was seen hunting down in my A Trip to the Grocery Store video, including the elusive kluski noodles, were for Spanish Noodles, a casserole my Mom used to make on a semi-regular basis. It was … Continue reading

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The striped conch

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