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Moving on up!

A year after taking a deep breath, quitting my corporate job and jumping into the deep end of freelance writing, I’ve finally gotten my act together and created a website for the whole thing. Continue reading

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Introducing my newest obsession: Kickstarter!

If you like postcards, road trips, great photography and pretty okay writing, you should definitely check out our project. Continue reading

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They’ll think twice next time before opening an email from me.

I’ve already admitted my inability to write a simple email invite. Today I learned it extends to all forms of mass emailing. Continue reading

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America the Delicious

Ordinary people, when they want to have a potluck, just call or email their friends and say hey, I’m having a potluck. But that would be way too simple for my brand of crazy. It’s not enough for it to have a theme. Nah, if you really want to demonstrate to the world just how epic your potluck will be, you’ve got to go that extra mile. Me, I write a song. Because how many times have you been at a potluck and thought wow this would really be perfect if only the potluck had its own song. Continue reading

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Using my images

20110719-024454.jpg Continue reading

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The One-Year Mark

For me the end of this month will signify not only the end of 2010, but also the end of my first year at my job. It got me thinking and I realized, all my life I have never done the same thing, day in and day out, for a whole year. Continue reading

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Let’s try this again…

My roommate The Tangential One and I are always trying to come up with the perfect blog name and/or theme. I myself am on my fourth in two years. It’s a process, trying to figure what works and what doesn’t, what’s catchy and what gives you the most opportunity to say what you want to say. Continue reading

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