Writing has always been my first love. To me there’s absolutely nothing better than the moment when you finally craft that perfect sentence. It’s the challenge of communicating your message clearly and concisely while giving it the right rhythm, balance, and feel. I also love the opportunity of writing with someone else’s voice, of stepping back and letting their personality come through.

In my past life as a communications manager for a small start-up, if a task involved the written word, it was pretty much up to me. As you can probably imagine, that experience gave me quite a wide range of writing expertise. To make it easier to understand, I’ve divided the writing services I offer into three categories:

Traditional media writing

While no longer the only piece of the puzzle, traditional media is still a vital part of any communications strategy. This means things like press releases to announce anything new, magazine columns and newspaper op-eds to establish your expertise, and case studies to brag about client success stories. I also include speeches and sales collateral in this category, as well as any other written material for print.

Website writing

More and more these days your website is the place where your first impression is made with potential customers. That’s why it’s crucial to have website content that sounds professional, reflects your company culture, and explains exactly why you stand out from the competition. With your input, I’ll craft content that speaks to each aspect of your enterprise, as well as using keywords and links to aid in search engine optimization (SEO).

Blog writing

While your website will for the most part remain static, your blog is where ever-changing content will keep people interested and engaged in what you are doing. Regular blogging helps demonstrate your expertise in your field and provides you with fresh content to promote over your various social media platforms. It also helps with SEO – the more you publish, the more search engines notice your website. But regular blogging takes time – and your time is valuable. With my help, you can keep your blog current with minimal time spent on your end.

For examples of my work in each of these categories, please visit their corresponding pages. For more information on how I can help you with any and all of these services, contact me today.


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